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  • Saffron

    Saffron Saffron was born on March 7, 2021 to Sabrina and Linus, our first buck. She was the first kid out of twins. Despite being smaller, Saffron took her role […] Continue Reading →

  • Alliekat

    Alliekat Alliekat came to live with us in the summer of 2020. She was part of the brush control herd for Akyla Farms but was an escape artist and kept […] Continue Reading →

  • Lincoln

    Lincoln Lincoln was born May 7, 2016, as a triplet. Sadly, his siblings didn’t survive, and Lincoln was very weak, so he became a bottle baby.  He came to live […] Continue Reading →

  • Sabrina

    Sabrina Sabrina was born April 30, 2016, as a triplet. She had two bigger brothers who weren’t going to share their mother’s milk with her and so she became a […] Continue Reading →

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