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  • Soji

    Soji On the beautiful, unseasonably sunny day of February 24th, 2022, Soji, and her two brothers, Simon and Sebastian, were born. Although they were two days early, their mama, Sabrina, […] Continue Reading →

  • Austin

    Austin Austin was born just one day after Jax, April 5, 2021. He came to live with us when we got home from our Idaho trip. Since he’d had a […] Continue Reading →

  • Jax

    Jax In April of 2021, we took a road trip to Parma, Idaho to pick up our brand-new purebred Nubian buckling. We named him Jax (a ‘J’ name for his […] Continue Reading →

  • Iris (aka The Dink)

    Iris (aka The Dink) Iris was born April 26th, 2021. Her mother died when she was still very young, and she became a bottle baby. She was very sick as […] Continue Reading →

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