On March 31st, 2022 I received word that my long-awaited Nubian doeling was born, so we loaded up the Subaru and headed east to Lewiston, Idaho! We decided to spend the night in Lewiston and continue on to Parma the following day, so it wasn’t such a long haul. Our new dog, Cassie, came with us, too. The next morning, we headed south through unbelievably lovely country. After several hours, we arrived at the farm where Bonnie was waiting for us! She was sleeping in a little Rubbermaid tote in the sunshine and after having a bottle, we transferred her to our tote in the car where Cassie proceeded to make a fuss over her and lick her face!

Baby Bonnie, 3 days old
Snuggling with Teddy

Bonnie slept most of the way back to the hotel in Lewiston but once we were in the room, she wanted to romp. I sat on the tile floor near the bathroom so she could explore without me worrying about her having any accidents on the carpet.

 The next day was a long drive back home through every type of weather from snow to high winds to driving rain and then sunshine! Once we were safely home, we could let Bonnie meet her new friend, Soji.

Meeting Soji
On the see-saw

Bonnie is a stunning blue roan. Although she came from the same farm as Jax, they are unrelated. They will have equally gorgeous babies!

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