Hello! My name is Gina and my husband, Harold, and I own Give Me Faith Farm, a small homestead located in the stunningly beautiful U.S. Pacific Northwest. This little farm is my base of operations for living a more sustainable, holistic lifestyle. It is the quintessential work in progress.

Starting with a run down, neglected house built in the 1920’s and 2 ½ acres of blackberries, we restored the house, stripping parts of it down to the original 100-year-old fir flooring and cedar plank walls. We had the “back forty” partially logged off to allow us to build a perimeter fence for the horses, and later, the goat herd. The front yard became a free-range area for our poultry while the back yard has been turned into an orchard filled with more than a dozen fruit and nut trees, as well as a greenhouse, built with recycled windows from the house.

We have a large garden area with room for elderberry, raspberry, blueberry, and huckleberry plants as well as several varieties of grapes. We try to practice permaculture concepts such as food forests and use non-chemical means of controlling pests, like chickens and ducks, essential oils and homeopathy. We raise our animals organically, without drugs or chemicals, in order to provide the healthiest meat, milk, and eggs as possible.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Lyme/chronic fatigue and I have had to redesign my entire life around coping with this and still doing what I love most in the world. In an effort to eliminate as many toxins from our lives as I can, I decided to use minimal and natural cleaning products, make our own soap and deodorant, and preserve our own garden produce by canning, freezing, or dehydrating.  The soap became popular with my family and friends and, as a result, “Give Me Faith Farm LLC” was born. I make and sell a variety of goat milk soaps, using milk from my own goats, as well as organic oils and other ingredients, including essential oils, and I never use artificial fragrances or chemical colors.

I believe in the freedom to live how you want and in being a good steward of this land.  I want you to feel you are part of it so I will introduce you to our various critters and invite you to look at our YouTube channel Give Me Faith Farm. Sign up for our blog here and get a free recipe for an easy DIY deodorant.

Come enjoy the farm with me!

Gina Marie

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We are a small homestead in the foothills of the North Cascades in Washington state. We breed goats for milk, cheese, and soap; keep chickens, ducks, and geese; and grow our own fruits and vegetables. Read more…

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