Give Me Faith Farm LLC

Give Me Faith Farm LLC is the quintessential work in progress. Started with a run down, neglected house and 2 1/2 acres of blackberries, we restored the house, stripping parts of it down to the original 100-year-old fir flooring and cedar plank walls. The "back forty" was partially logged off to allow us to build a perimeter fence for the horses, and later, the goat herd. The front yard became a free range area for our poultry, the back yard has been turned into an orchard filled with more than a dozen fruit and nut trees, as well as a greenhouse, built with the recycled windows from the house. We have a garden that grows in size every year and are currently constructing fruit tree guilds around parts of the orchard. We try to use permaculture concepts, no chemicals on either the land or the animals, our goal being to leave the soil better than we found it. Welcome to our farm!

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