I am horrendously late in updating the farm going-ons and I have NO excuse!

Well,  I guess I have some excuses…after struggling through keeping 2 goats alive after kidding, helping process meat chickens at for the first 2 weekends in June, farm-sitting for 10 days,  taking a week to enjoy a visit with my brother and his friend, and all the menial (yet essential) tasks of keeping all these critters happy on a daily basis….I just couldn’t squeeze anything else from the stone!

But here I am, on my least favorite holiday, jumping back on the wagon. Alright, it’s not just my least favorite holiday; I actually loathe it.

I love living in the country on (what used to be) a quiet country road. I prefer the sounds of roosters crowing over the sounds of police sirens. I would rather stroll through my overgrown backyard, than walk in a manicured city park. And I don’t mind in the least if I have to scrape a little goat poo off my shoes before I come in the house.

Unfortunately, the last few years have brought some unwelcome changes. The number of people coming up and down my road has dramatically increased, along with the total disrespect of going ninety miles an hour. I have to pick up more garbage that is tossed in my yard than before. And the fireworks, which used to be far away to almost non-existent, are now practically next door. They aren’t just the flashy variety either. It often sounds like bombs going off and it absolutely terrifies the goats (and my dog).  

I love this country (the land-not the people who think they are in charge) and support the right to say and think what’s on our minds but I also firmly believe that my freedom ends where another’s begins. In other words,  while I wouldn’t encroach on someone’s right to light off explosives, drink beer, and party all night, I strongly object to all of that interfering with my right to keeping my animals safe and sound and enjoying the peace that I bought when I moved out to the country.

This isn’t really a rant, though. It’s just a reminder that not everyone (two legged or four) enjoys this particular holiday…

Remember that freedom comes with a lot of responsibility and respect of your fellow human and whatever critters they love!

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