• Back to business

    Back to business… Sometimes I think the hardest thing about starting a blog is, well…starting a blog. This is my second attempt to get things rolling after giving up for […] Continue Reading →

  • Savannah

    Savannah March 29th, 2023, Sabrina chose another beautiful sunny day to give birth and Savannah and her two brothers came into the world. Unlike the previous two kiddings where the […] Continue Reading →

  • Bonnie

    Bonnie On March 31st, 2022 I received word that my long-awaited Nubian doeling was born, so we loaded up the Subaru and headed east to Lewiston, Idaho! We decided to […] Continue Reading →

  • Soji

    Soji On the beautiful, unseasonably sunny day of February 24th, 2022, Soji, and her two brothers, Simon and Sebastian, were born. Although they were two days early, their mama, Sabrina, […] Continue Reading →

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