2024 is just around the corner…

I am sitting here, looking out the window at a dull gray sky with clouds hanging so low, I can’t see the hills just north of my house. The rain has been coming down in torrents all day with occasional gusts of wind rattling the tree branches.  The yard is sopping wet and the only ones oblivious to the state of the weather are the ducks and geese.

Believe it or not, there are hills right behind those trees

Despite the cold and wet outdoors, I am so grateful. I have a roaring fire keeping me (and the dog and cats) cozy. The horses have on warm blankets and a dry barn to stand in. The goats are all tucked into one shelter or another and everyone has enough hay to fill their bellies and then some! Even the chickens are hanging out in the high tunnel, still able to take dust baths and stay out of the wind.

I pulled a sourdough starter, given to me by a friend, out of the refrigerator this morning and fed it. I have yet to make a successful loaf of sourdough bread and this kind of weather is just right for playing around in a warm kitchen.  I want to be able to perfect it so I don’t need to rely on instant yeast, should it ever become hard to find. Plus, I know exactly what goes into it when I make it myself.

For the last couple months, I have been learning about private membership associations and have decided to start one of my own.  For a short introduction to PMA’s, look here.  I can still make and sell my goat milk soaps through my LLC but if you want to join the PMA you can buy privately from me and that will have its perks.

Looking ahead to next spring!

In other news, all the does have been bred by Jax and due dates start at the end of February all the way through the beginning of May! Soji and Saffron are due first, then Alliekat and Bonnie, and finally, Sabrina, who decided to kid last this time around. (Probably to get more stall time and one-on-one attention!)

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