• Sabrina

    Sabrina Sabrina was born April 30, 2016, as a triplet. She had two bigger brothers who weren’t going to share their mother’s milk with her and so she became a […] Continue Reading →

  • Summer

    Late Summer Musings Summer is nearly over and I’m not ready. I’ve been canning beans, turning out quart after quart of chicken stock, blanching and freezing corn, making peach jam […] Continue Reading →

  • Goats

    Goats and the Garden As the summer progresses, things tend to fall into a routine. First thing in the morning, goats get milked and switched around. The boys go back […] Continue Reading →

  • Soap

    GIVE ME FAITH FARM’S HANDCRAFTED SOAP Happy July, all! We’ve been super busy around the farm with goat kids and gardening and working on projects like reroofing the main goat […] Continue Reading →

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