Alliekat came to live with us in the summer of 2020. She was part of the brush control herd for Akyla Farms but was an escape artist and kept letting the herd loose. My pasture is fenced like Fort Knox so there was no worry that she would get out here. She had just weaned her twins and was a little thin from producing for them, so our first goal was to fatten her up a bit. She eats like a horse, so that was no problem!

Allie has a different view of eating than Sabrina and Lincoln. She taught the entire herd to go out and forage in the back pasture, showing them how to eat the blackberries and other “weeds”. She was brave and would head to the back without me, whereas before, the rest of them would stay close to the barn unless I went out with them.  She has a very sweet personality with us, but watch out if another goat tries to cross her. She puts up with nothing!

Alliekat was bred to Linus and in May of 2021, gave birth to a healthy buckling we named Andrew. She is an excellent mother and took to the milking stand right away, since it meant she could have a bucket of treats all to herself. She produces quite a bit of milk and helped to feed bottle babies Jax and Austin.  We look forward to lots of cheese and soap using Alliekat’s milk!

Leading the herd to the back field
Resting after birthing 2 bucklings

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