In April of 2021, we took a road trip to Parma, Idaho to pick up our brand-new purebred Nubian buckling. We named him Jax (a ‘J’ name for his dam, Josefa). He was born April 5th.

My friend Carol, of Akyla Farms, and I wanted to bring in some more dairy bloodlines. Her herd had been closed for quite some time, so all her goats were related in some way. Since 4 of my goats came from her, I had the same issue. So, I began shopping for a  Nubian. It didn’t matter if it was a doe or buck, so long as it was unrelated to any of our other goats.

Jax (on the left) with his brother

After picking him up, we spent a few days traveling up the gorgeous state of Idaho, enjoying bonding with our newborn, before cutting back into Washington and coming home. Jax did well riding in a box in the back seat and by the time we got home, he considered us as his parents! Since Jax was a bottle baby, I wanted him to have a companion to keep him company. We got a buckling from Carol who was one of 4 born to her doe, Adina. We named him Austin and raised him with Jax so they could be bottle brothers.  Read more on Austin’s page…


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