Give Me Faith Farm LLC


Sabrina was born April 30, 2016, as a triplet. She had two bigger brothers who weren’t going to share their mother’s milk with her and so she became a bottle baby. She came to live with us when she was 6 days old.

Sabrina spent her time eating, exploring, and being adored. I took her many places with me. She visited the local winery…

She went to a brewery with us, she graced my chiropractor’s office and my son’s school with her happy self! On less adventurous days, she poked around the yard with our dog, Bella, watching over her.

Sabrina was living life to its fullest. Then, when she was about a month old, Lincoln came to live with us. Now she had a brother to play with. We started taking the two of them hiking. They fit perfectly into a dog crate, and we would put them in the truck and go, bottles and all!

Sabrina and Lincoln were best buddies! Gradually, however, as they grew up, they didn’t fit in the crate anymore and began spending more time at home, just being goats. Sabrina didn’t grow very tall, but she is my fierce protector when anyone comes in the field with me. She had her first kids March 7th and is an excellent mother to them, too. She took to the milking stand with no trouble at all and is just an all-around terrific girl!

Sabrina with newborns Scottie and Saffron