Give Me Faith Farm LLC


Lincoln was born May 7, 2016, as a triplet. Sadly, his siblings didn’t survive, and Lincoln was very weak, so he became a bottle baby. He came to live with us when he was just a month old as a companion for Sabrina. Since Lincoln was very friendly and would walk off with just about anyone, we needed a goat buddy for him to bond with. He and Sabrina became best friends!

As Lincoln grew, we took him and Sabrina hiking, even several times to eastern Washington. He frolicked every day, happiest wherever he was, hanging out with horses or in the snow!

On the way to Rainy Lake

Wintertime woolies

Gettin' sassy with the horse

Like Sabrina, Lincoln eventually got too big to fit in the crate and stayed home. He grew, and grew, and grew until now, if he goes anywhere, it’s in the horse trailer. He towers over the other goats, but he loves attention and will stand with his eyes closed while we pet him. At the same time, he’s a very jealous boy and will chase off anyone who might get his loves or treats. Since Sabrina kidded, Lincoln has spent his time being a companion for the buck, Linus, who is separated from the does unless it’s breeding season. He’s somewhat fond of Linus, but he’d much rather be with everyone else. This year we’ve added another buck to the herd and when he’s grown, he’ll go in with Linus and Lincoln will get his wish!

Lincoln and Linus in the buck pen